Does your Caricaturists work look familiar? Famous Caricature Artists for Hire!

Caricaturists have been popular at weddings and private events for years now. Most of these take place at the weekend and many Caricaturists will spend their weekdays working on commissions for pre-drawn gifts for customers. But many also create imagery and cartoons for well known TV shows and publications. Here’s three caricaturists that you can book for your wedding or event that have done just that!

Brighty The Caricaturist

Bananaman has a UK cartoon institution since it’s creation in 1980. It hit TV screens in 1983 and was a staple of after school television for many children. Brighty was a creator of the show and was also an artist for The Beano, so it’s easy to see where his cartoon influence comes from. Tabloid work for The Sun and The Sunday Times also compliments his unique and stylish work.

Mike G The Caricaturist

Of course, good art and an eye for detail doesn’t always have to be translated to paper and Mike is testament to that, when ITV brought on the talented artist to create the designs for their show, Newzoids, which ran for two series in a prime time slot. You can certainly see the caricaturists’ influence here, with many of the exaggerated features present on the finished puppets.

Spencer the Caricaturist

Spencer draws for satirical magazine ‘Private Eye‘ and his illustrations often feature in the magazine. Since launching in 1961 the magazine has gone on to become the UK’s best selling current affairs publications.

Booking a caricaturist is a great choice for any wedding, party or corporate event.

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