Last Minute Wedding Entertainment? Why Not Draw On Our Experience

So, there’s a New Year around the corner and Christmas will be gone in the blink of an eye, which can mean only one thing… it’s time to get planning for your wedding.

At the Book A Caricaturist offices we appreciate that you will have a lot to think about, and we mean A LOT! The venue, the food, the dress, the invitations, and, of course, the entertainment. Now, in our humble opinion that isn’t the correct order to be thinking about these things… but then we would say that.

Booking entertainment for your wedding is something we recommend arranging at the earliest possible moment for a few reasons. Firstly, you will get the pick of the pack! Why settle for being told that your first choice artist is already booked elsewhere and you will have to settle for your second favourite? Get in there early and you’ll be more likely to be able to hire the act you really want.

To take this further, if you are getting married on a ‘key’ date i.e. a prime Saturday in the Summer – booking ASAP is particularly essential to enable you to perhaps hire a caricaturist at all! We kid you not, on-the-spot artists are not an unlimited breed and so if you have your heart set on hiring one for your big day get in there fast before they are all booked up!


Booking early also means that you may get the best deal price wise. This can be really helpful if the wedding budget is a concern, which, let’s face it is for most of us! By securing an artist sooner rather than later you can often get a better price as the entertainer may be looking to get their diary nice and full ASAP and so will offer some preferential prices. In addition, if you book your caricaturist with our good selves you will often find a great saving here as well because many of our top artists offer us reduced rates due to the amount of bookings we secure them each year.

Finally, another great reason to book your caricaturist nice and early is simply that it is one more thing ticked off your to-do list! We make the whole process very straightforward and literally within a couple of hours of finding the artist you like we can check the date, get you a price and have the booking paperwork emailed across to you in the blink of an eye… Simple! One less thing to worry about.

Now, of course, there are going to be those of you who will decide last-minute that you need some extra entertainment, or, perhaps you were waiting to see if the budget would stretch to hiring a caricaturist and had to hold fire. Well, fear not… the great thing about hiring a caricaturist is that they are a one-man band. So, they can literally be booked as late in the day as on the wedding day itself!!! Of course, you don’t want to be doing things like that on your wedding day, but you get the picture.

As long as an artist is available for your date they can simply load the car and be on their way to you in a flash! So, don’t worry too much if you do need to book an artist nearer the wedding itself as in most cases we can help. But, whilst last-minute caricaturists are a possibility we would always recommend securing your first choice of act at the best price as soon as you can.

(Featured Image courtesy of Bill the Caricaturist)