3 Reasons to Hire a Caricaturist for your Wedding Entertainment

So, your wedding date is fixed and the venue has been booked. You’ve got an eye on the dress and the catering is almost decided… next up, you need to think about the day as a whole and how it’s going to flow. What will you do to keep your guests happy and entertained and make sure there are no awkward ’empty spaces’? And, how will you make your wedding day fun and unique to make sure everybody remembers your wedding above others they have been to before? It’s simple… Hire a Caricaturist ๐Ÿ˜€

OK, OK… so you knew we were going to say that. Well, we say it with good reason… in fact, here’s 3 great reasons why you simply MUST include a caricature artist as part of your wedding day entertainment.

1. A Caricaturist Gets the Party Started

We know that as the happy couple, and, quite often organisers of the biggest event of your lives, there are a thousand and one things to think about and be doing on your wedding day. This means that you will often be pulled from ‘pillar to post’ and not be able to spend as much time with each guest as you would perhaps like. In addition, bearing in mind that not all of your guests will know each other and that those on the periphery of the family may not be involved in certain parts of the day, such as the wedding photographs, it can often be quite laborious for some. Hiring a caricaturist at times such as these can be a great way for your guests to ‘break the ice’ and have a good laugh. It gives everyone something to focus on and a reason to start chatting and mixing with one another. And, the better people get on the better the party will be later when the celebrations really begin! * Top Tip – a caricaturist works well when booked for drinks receptions or at the start of the evening celebrations *


2. A Caricaturist Provides a Cost-Effective & Personalised Memento

With most entertainment that you hire it tends to be a collective experience that is over pretty much as soon as the performer(s) stop performing. The beauty of a caricaturist however, is that whilst you still get the group experience of guests coming together to enjoy watching the artist in action many of them will also receive fantastic mementos to take away with them. It isn’t unusual for us to hear previous customers say how they and their friends have their caricatures framed and up on a wall in their homes. There aren’t many parts of a wedding day that continue after the day itself is over, but, looked after properly a caricature can last a lifetime… so, we think that’s pretty good value for money ๐Ÿ˜€ * Top Tip – when you hire a caricaturist ask them to personalise the paper that they will be working on by maybe adding your wedding date, names and a little message *


3. A Caricaturist is Versatile and Hassle-Free

A caricaturist can simply turn up at your venue, spot the best location and get on with the job at hand. Setting up, or, getting ready is minimal and they will take care of themselves. They are hassle-free and will take up minimal space, which can sometimes be a concern at smaller venues. Finally, a caricaturist can be extremely versatile and depending on which artist you decide to book you will be able to have guests drawn individually, in a group, as a couple or even as a family… yes, caricaturists are happy to draw children too and so they provide awesome entertainment for all age groups. Different caricaturists also offer varying styles of workย  – for example you could have a hobby included with each drawing or maybe have them all done in a specific style, for example, in the style of The Simpsons. * Top Tip – always make sure that there will be enough light for a caricaturist to work as it will make for the best possible results *

So, what are you waiting for…? If you are getting married and want to have something a little different and that is great fun for you and your guests then a caricaturist is the perfect solution.