Caricature Signing Board

A Caricature Inspired Mounted Signing Board

With bookings for weddings in full flow we thought it might be a good time to mention another unique way that the skills of a caricaturist can be put to great use… Mounted signing boards! What do we mean? Most people are familiar with the signing book at weddings where everybody writes a few words to congratulate the happy couple and give them something extra to remember the day and guests by. Well, with a mounted signing board a caricature can be pre-drawn to your choosing and then the guests all write their well wishes around the outside of the drawing. This can then be framed and makes a fantastic keepsake. Check out these great examples by Rich the Caricaturist >>

Caricature Signing Board

Another one of Rich’s fantastic pieces can be seen below where the brief he was provided with was that the groom was chief of a fire squad and proposed under the Eiffel Tower. Pretty impressive we’d say!


The great thing about organising these kind of caricature extras is that providing you give enough time for the work to be completed you can hire any artist from anywhere in the country to undertake the commission!

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