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Which is Better… a Mix and Mingle or Stationery Caricaturist?

When it comes to on-the-spot caricature artists there are 2 main ways in which they are able to work at an event or function. They can either be seated in a stationery position (often behind an easel), or they can mix and mingle among your guests and capture drawings on the move with a portable drawing board. Whilst some caricaturists are happy to offer both options there are those that prefer to work only seated and those that would rather be mobile. So, what difference does it make and is one method more preferable than the other?

The Seated / Stationery Caricature Artist

Some caricature artists prefer this method for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it provides a great experience for more guests as they are able to watch the caricature develop whilst the sitter cannot see anything… this is a great way of gaining extra entertainment value from the artist.

Also, if there is a specific area where the caricaturist is working it means that those guests who would like one can find the artist easily and join or start a queue. However, this may also be a negative because not many people would want to wait in a queue at an event and would rather be mingling or tearing up the dance floor! Also, if interest is slow to start it may mean that the artist is twiddling his thumbs for a little while until people begin to pluck up the courage.

Some caricaturists believe that working from an easel will create a better finished result and be of higher detail or quality as larger paper (normally A3 size) can be utilised easily as well as more of the caricaturists tools of the trade (pens, etc.).

Finally, being seated can also put the ‘victim’… erm, we mean ‘sitter’ more at ease and they will be able to remain still for longer in order to be drawn, again, which should result in a better caricature representation.

The Mix and Mingle Caricaturist

A mix and mingle caricature artist will literally be able to hit the ground running once they arrive at your event. They will utilise a portable drawing board and walkabout to find willing victims. The great thing about this is that the artist engages directly with party goers and will be able to get started straightaway at providing on-the-spot drawings.

Because the sitter (or ‘victim’) may move a little more as they are perhaps in conversation or having a drink there may be a slight loss in quality compared to that of a stationery caricaturist. However, this is a great option if you are wanting to get as many drawings done as possible in your bookings time-frame as they do tend to be a little quicker to complete.

One downside with the mix and mingle artist however is that if you want a caricature doing you may have to hunt them down, which at a large or busy event can sometimes be a bit tricky.

Both methods have their positives and negatives and the only real way of deciding which is best for you is to take into account your own event and perhaps the space you have available, how many guests you would like drawn, and whether you would prefer better quality drawings or more quickfire sketches.

If you would like any help in deciding on the best course of action for your event, or, you need pointing in the right direction of the best-suited artist for your event feel free to give us a call on 0845 643 9384 or make an enquiry >>