Are all Caricaturists in Scotland called Neil?

In the 9 years that Book a Caricaturist has been providing artists for weddings and events there is one question that has been on our minds… are all Scottish caricaturists called Neil? Now, we realise that Scotland is a big country and there is plenty of talent out there… but, all the caricature artists that have ever been recommended to us and passed the rigorous BAC sign-up process have the same forename…

At this point it would be rude of us to not showcase the Neil’s in question…

Neil 1 (Glasgow)


Our original Neil is… well, Neil the Caricaturist. Neil has extensive experience working as an ‘on the spot’ caricaturist at weddings, parties and corporate functions. Neil mingles with the guests during the drinks reception or round the tables during dinner producing quick 5 minute sketches in black ink. These are presented to each guest for the perfect icebreaker to get the laughs going!

Here’s a short video of Neil in Action…


Neil 2 (Edinburgh)


Our second Neil is none other than Neil K the Caricaturist. Based in Edinburgh, but happy to travel to make your event a success, Neil K has experience in all forms of event from Weddings to Parties, Neil – Scotland’s finest Caricaturist, is guaranteed to help your event be truly memorable and give your guests something to talk about and remember!

A recent customer testimonial for Neil K from Fiona’s Fife Wedding says:

“Neil was amazing and very patient with us and our guests! Everyone really enjoyed the experience and were thrilled with their memento of our wedding. He entertained us all with his chat and involved us all in the fun! Was just fantastic!”


Neil 3 (Lanarkshire)



Our third and final Neil is Neil S the caricature artist. Neil S has years of experience in drawing caricatures and specialises in quick, fun cartoon drawings for Weddings. He can even allocate a space at your venue where all the pictures can be displayed via a supplied “Washing Line” with pegs so that the pictures may be displayed for everyone to enjoy.

A recent customer, Dawn, told Book a Caricaturist:

“Neil was lovely, kept in touch before hand and turned up early, fitted in with what you wanted and stayed a bit later because of a queue. Nice guy and some great pics. So glad we booked him.”

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re more than happy with as many Neil’s as possible joining our roster, but, surely there has to be caricature artists available in Scotland with a different name? If you happen to be a caricaturist who fits this bill, or, you know of somebody then please let us know as we have plenty of enquiries ready to be filled 😀

For our customers, fear not, whilst we have Neil x 3 currently based in Scotland we do have additional artists from old Blighty who are more than happy to travel to the land of the free. For example, check out the artists we have available in Glasgow and Edinburgh to name a couple of key areas.

Our artist sign-up team is always looking for the UK’s strongest talent so give us a shout.