3 Caricaturists with Character in The Midlands

Not every caricaturist is a natural born entertainer. And whilst our artists have spent hours, days, weeks and years fine-tuning their skills so that they can produce fantastic on-the-spot work, this does not necessarily mean that they will all be perfect for your event. What we mean by this is that if you want a caricaturist to come along, work extremely hard and produce some amazing results then that is not a problem. However, if you are looking for your caricaturist to also be an entertainer to wow your guests with wit, charm and charisma, as well, as their amazing artistic abilities, then you need to do a little more research.

Luckily, that’s where Book a Caricaturist comes in and will be able to save you hours of Internet trawling because we can help advise which artists will be best suited to your needs. As a helpful example, we thought we’d put together a quick idea of how we would respond if one of our customers came through looking to hire one of these ‘character’ caricaturists in The Midlands (i.e. Birmingham, Warwickshire, etc.). So, here goes…

Rich the Caricaturist


Rich is based in Warwickshire and without a doubt has the personality to match any type of crazy event! How do we know this? Well, firstly, we have years of experience working with Rich and have seen him in action many times. But, we would say that wouldn’t we…? Reading between the lines a little further, if you take a look at Rich’s profile shots you can see he is not afraid of putting himself in his images: he is smiley, looks approachable and generally just looks good fun! So, that’s a good start. But, if you need more convincing then check out his previous customer feedback:

… Fantastic service and great with the kids … Had everyone laughing… Felt like he was part of the party…

All pretty good signs that this particular caricaturist has the personality to carry any event.

Mark B the Caricaturist


Mark B may be based in Carmarthen but casts his net wide when it comes to traveling to events. Available across the Midlands and the South West, Mark would be another choice of BAC’s when it comes to picking a ‘personality’ artist. With BAGS of feedback to spare (check out Mark’s 130+ happy customers on his Warble Entertainment Profile >> Click Here <<), Mark is an expert at making his subjects relax and getting them in the spirit. Check out this feedback alone:

He kept people entertained whilst he was drawing them and was so jolly that it made him a pleasure to be around.

Mark B is highly recommended by BAC and lots of customers throughout Wales, The Midlands and South West England.

Jonathan the Caricaturist


Staffordshire based artist Jonathan is another one of our go-to guys when it comes to a customer requiring a caricaturist with humor. In fact, even Prince Charles described him as ‘remarkable’… High praise indeed. And, with customer comments such as those below it is obvious that Jonathan will go to great lengths to ensure that all guests are happy and entertained at your event:

… Our guests were highly entertained… He could not have done more to ensure my mother and fathers caricature event was an enjoyable experience… Everyone loved him and he was so generous to us…

Obviously, these are not our only recommendations and we are more than happy to offer plenty of choices when it comes to providing not only a caricaturist but also a great entertainer. So, feel free to make an enquiry or drop us a line with your requirements. We’d be only too happy to help 😀